Using digital maps to empower the mobile workforce

Introducing the simplest and most advanced tool for digital map tracking. Precise location data and powerful mapping tools to change the way we track digital assets.

Create any type of map for services, buildings, or any asset

We provide you with the map design tools and robust functionality needed to make dynamic, productive, colaborative, goal oriented, and competitive team effort.

Empower your business and employees for elevated production

Our advanced tools and features enables businesses with a cutting edge tools to drive accountability and precision from employees.

Power of AI

How can Buildingit's advanced
mapping help your business


Step 1

Digital Mapping

Create any number and types of digital maps on our advanced platform.

Step 2

Prospect Management

Keep everything you need to know about your prospects in their prospect profiles easily by using our data storage and location tagging feature.

Step 3

Stats Tracking

See real time updated for your teams productivity and impact.

Organize and track door-to-door
efforts and prospects

Digitally create maps to unify your team and track your outreach efforts through our advanced app. Also print your maps and track all your prospects. Instantly see team efforts and productivity.

Want to build your own custom app ?

Powerful Tools



Google maps

Use plain Google Maps or with added vector overlays.

Image maps

Download your map as an image with your stats.

Statistics, data visualization

Color parts of a country or state with different colors depending on your data.

Image uploader

Attach images to your prospect and map.

CSV Export

Export your data sets to a CSV file.

Text search

Do a text search by any field.

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